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What Does It Take to Backpack When Camping With Kids

When it comes to camping with kids, you will need a large backpack capable of containing all your camping gears as well as those of your kids. Some of these camping essentials can be pretty expensive, but you can get some considerable discount when you buy on sale or as a reasonably used commodity. Buying fairly used camp items is a great way to cut down your camping expenses and save more money for other camp activities.

Unless you wish to be a beast of burden, you will want to opt for lighter weight items. There are lots of lightweight sleeping bags that weigh between 1.6lbs to 6+lbs. However, you should know that the lighter the weight, the more expensive the item.  Same is applicable for tents and other camping gears. Sleeping pads keep one comfortable and warmer during the night; however, it is optional camping gear. Cooking stove and other kitchen utensils are pretty inexpensive. Apart from investing additional money in purchasing lightweight camp gears, there are a couple of factors that determine what it takes to backpack with kids.


After conducting series of interviews with some parents on their reasons for shying away from going camping with their kids, I realized that they all had the same idea – fear of the unknown. A good number of them are scared that their kids may not find camping entertaining, while a couple more are afraid of injuries, wide animals, and the fear of their kids staying away from civilization for some time. This happens to be one of the reasons why I always advise parents to start camping with a short trip that is pretty close to their home. Avoid pressure, start with short distance backpacks, and if your kids enjoy it proceed to more extended distance campground.

camping with kids

Distance and difficulty.

Your child’s age will determine, and hiking stamina will evaluate your camping destination. The first time I went backpacking with Lucy, pretty much over estimated the distance by 3 miles, and by the time we realized how far we were away from the campground, it was dark. We had to camp in our Wind River Range, and by daybreak, we made it to our camp. This happened six years ago, but Lucy still talks about that funny experience to date. Most often, getting the right distance could be difficult. Like I would always tell my camp buddies, do not pressure yourself to camp long distances into the woods, sometimes short distances does the magic.

Health and Safety

It’s best you get prepared for injuries. Go camping with a first aid kit, and ensure you have adequate knowledge of how to make use of the various packages in it. This will help you get prepared and handle most accidents that occur during your stay in the camp with your kids. Have adequate knowledge of the campground as well as the area you intend hiking with your kids. Has there been any incident of wildfire in the past that lead to the creation of unstable trees and ground? Is there any medium of getting water? What wildlife is in the region, and how do you intend to protect yourself and your family from these animals? What is the weather forecast and how prepared are you? These are some essential questions you should consider when taking your kids on a backpack.


It is absolutely going to be a disaster if you go camping with your kids without making provision for some entertainment. However, you mustn’t go camping with your electronics in a bid to have them entertained.  Kids are always great at making use of their imagination, so you have to encourage them to make use of their creative ideas to create some fun. Let them play some fun games such as hide-n-seek, and lots more.


It takes lots of valor, courage, and boldness to leave your comfort zone in a bid to try something new. It even takes more courage when you are trying it out with your child. Your sole responsibility will be this little person/s as you would want to ensure they are comfortable and happy throughout their stay out of your comfort zone. Be courageous and within a short period of time, you will be going on long distance camping holidays.

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