best ultralight backpacking tent

How do I choose the best ultralight backpacking tent

There are five vital points to consider when buying the best ultralight backpacking tent. These are size, workmanship, livability, weather resistance, and easy to pitch.


This happens to be one of the essential benefits associated with the best ultralight backpacking tents and one of the most significant merits over backpacking tent. The best ultralight backpacking tents are more spacious, durable, and accommodating.

Weather Resistance

Everyone loves to fantasize a camping trip with light, sunny days blended with light breezes, some cool evenings around a campfire, and spending some evening laying outside their tent counting and admiring the stars. However, how prepared are you if what you anticipate does not to pass? As an inadequate the best ultralight backpacking tent can immediately turn your camping trip into your worst nightmare. That best ultralight backpacking tents you purchased without proper research and at an exorbitant price might end up scaring you away from camping, or even scare first-time campers away.

best ultralight backpacking tent

Easy to Pitch

It’s been a long week, and you’ve been anticipating the weekend to roll-in to go camping with your buddies to shake off the stress from work. Friday is around the corner, and you can’t wait to hit the woods. However, it turns out that every other person in town has same plans as you do and this creates terrible traffic along the road. You also forgot an essential camping gear meaning you would have to crotch your way through the crowded streets.

Finally, you were able to beat traffic only to arrive your camping ground at dawn. You set to pitching your best ultralight backpacking tent yourself.


This gives you an idea of the tents durability. A good number of tent manufacturer’s, tend to skip the stitching of the tent as well as the skimping of the materials in a bid to minimize cost. However, these do not matter if you are camping in a milder climatic region. But as an avid and passionate camper, these are vital features to consider while buying the best ultralight backpacking tent.

Packing Size of Best Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Watch out for the packaging size, as some tent manufacturers go a little crazy regarding the packaging size knowing that most often, campers tend to drive their best ultralight backpacking tent down to their proposed campground. However, this doesn’t still mean you would want a massive sized-tent as you would need some space in your trunk.

There are lots of factors to put into consideration when purchasing the best ultralight backpacking tent. Some of these factors include cost, size, and design of the tent. These three features are incorporated into three common best ultralight backpacking tent designs. These are:

  • Ridge Tent
  • Dome Tent
  • Cabin Tent

Ridge Tent

The ridge tent looks similar to the traditional tent shape. It is supported by poles, ropes, and it is a roof-shaped tent.  Ridge tents are generally easy to set up thereby making them ideal tents for backpacking. They are lightweight, and available for 1 to 3 campers. However, ridge tents are not suitable for heavy weather conditions.

Cabin Tent

The cabin tent is ideal for families and larger groups of people. It consists of vertical walls and offers large headroom which allows its occupants to walk around inside it with ease. It makes indoor entertainment easy with some of them divided into several rooms thereby allowing for privacy.

This is the best tent for maximum space and comfort. However, it is cumbersome and is similar to the ridge and dome designs.

Dome Tent

The dome tent is a traditional the best ultralight backpacking tent made up of a single dome. There are also designs made up of several domes. A dome offers ample floor space and is lighter than a cabin tent. It is wind resistant, sturdy, and round shaped.

This tent design isn’t the best option when you go camping with lots of equipment because it isn’t spacious. However, it is an ideal tent for travelers in need of a shelter to sleep in and under harsh weather conditions.

In general, the cabin style is the ideal best ultralight backpacking tent for a family campsite. While the dome and ridge tents are stronger traveling tents. For trips in excellent weather conditions, a ridge tent is an ideal tent, while the dome tent is suitable for rough weather conditions. There are also lots of hybrids tents available in the market with features different from those of the best ultralight backpacking tent designs. Therefore, if you aren’t cool with any of the listed the best ultralight backpacking tent designs, those hybrids may be the solution you need.

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